Mercy Village

In the month of  August, 2017 there was a big  fire in a very poor community in Cambodia. Eighteen houses were burnt down, leaving twenty-two families with no home.  Now, Mercy Village Church is God’s own ministry. We teach the Bible, help care for the families in the community, and children come to learn and receive free education such as, music, art, English, Khmer, dance and more.

Founder Testimony

My name is Rin Yame. I was born into a poor and homeless Cambodian family, the youngest of five children. My father left us when I was born just right after the Khmer Rouge one year 1980. We have never had our own home to live, so we slept in the front yard of our relative’s house.
In 1988, when I was eight years old, my mom died through the depression of loosing my older sister and also through the mocking and cursing of our relatives. I lost all hope, and both of my brothers and sister, we all were separated from each other. Since then I didn’t know what to do and where to go. Fortunately, one of my Auntie in-law took me to stay with her for awhile. But unfortunately, some of her children disliked me. My whole body full a lot of beating and abusing which caused me to run away from home many times. I was tempted to kill myself few times. On the street, I committed a lot of sins. If I didn’t have Jesus Christ to protect me, I must have died by HIV, starvation, diseases, playing gambling, stealing and cheating and so on. I lost all hope, No future.

God knows my name, my every thought, he sees each tear that falls and he hears when I called. In 1996, the Lord has found me at the Olympic Stadium through one of American missionary. He brought me to live in a Christian Art School, located in Phnom Penh. In 1996 December 18, I was born again in a Christian’s life. That is my spiritual birthday. At first, I still didn’t know who I was and who God is.
Life began to change: Every night at Christian School. The Lord has shown me love, grace and taught me about my sins and about Him through the teaching of my two leaders whom I called them, my spiritual moms. I know without God’s tough love and his word; my life won’t be changed at all. No one can change my life even with cruel beating, but only Jesus, Love and His word can change me. Praise and thanks be to Him.

I lived and studied in the Christian Art School for almost 10 years. The Lord has blessed me so many wonderful gifts and knowledge to use for His glory such as: Bible, music, English, art, dance, drama etc. In 2006 – 2018, Twelve years the Lord has blessed me to be working with Water of Life NGO as assistance director, pastor, art and music teacher. I was so blessed during my time there until the Lord called me to be full time ministry with Him at Mercy Village.

The Calling/Mercy Village

“Here I am, Lord! Send me” I often said this phrase to God as I am so grateful of what He has done in my life and wanted to be used and sent out by Him. In 2017, one Sunday in the Church. The Lord has touched my heart through his Holy Spirit, I was so moved by God’s word from my hair to the toe telling me to Step Out with Him by Faith, but the Fear came into my mind telling if I quit my job, who is going to support me, I am going to lose my job so and so. Those fear blocked me of moving forward with him. In the month of August, 2017. There was a big fire at the poor community. 18 houses have burnt down and left 22 families had no home.

“God’s perfect plan” Since then, the Lord has connected me with the poor families and children by coming to help and visit them almost every day. Helped to rebuild their houses, teaching them the Bible. Beginning of 2018, I heard the voice of the Lord clearly through His word again and again to come here and live among them. I have decided to quit my job and every thing in order to follow God’s calling. I didn’t how much I lost or I received more salary from director but I care how much God has called me to go with Him and to teach these people about Jesus and his word.
Now here I am at Mercy Village which the Lord gave this name after the fire and also the Lord has told me a verse the first day I set my foot here, He gonna make “Beauty for ashes” Isaiah 61:3. Mercy Village Church is God’s own ministry. We teach Bible, help care the families, children come to learn and receive free education such as, music, art, English, Khmer, dance and more. But most of all, to see their lives have changed so much by the Power of God’s Love and His word. I am so blessed to be a very small part with Him.

The Lord has been so faithful to us all here at Mercy Village. He always cares and provides all the needs through His beloved children giving freely, love donations. I am so thankful to Calvary Red Rock that the Lord has brought them into my life, adopting me as a foreign missionary, be my board members and also standing for me to make it is easy for the donors support through their church without taking any percent. Thanks be to Jesus and thanks to you and every one who are faithfully supporting, giving generously, loving and praying for me and for all the families and children. Thank you and thank you.

May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you all.

In God’s Love
Mercy Village and Rin Yame