Our Vision

To empower the next generation of every tribe, tongue, and nation by providing access to opportunities in their local communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise funds for various initiatives and programs that will empower local communities and individuals. We seek to provide the necessary resources so that the next generation can succeed.

About Us

KEO Charities is an organization that works to raise funds for a number of charitable initiatives and programs taking place across the globe. Each program is carefully considered and planned out before any funds are disbursed towards that program.

KEO Charities was founded by Samone Keo with the support of her husband, Michael. It all began with an innate desire within Samone to help the community around her. Having grown up in communist Cambodia and escaping to the United States with her family as a child, Samone was no stranger to hardship and to making the best of opportunities as they came in the land of opportunity. She eventually came to open a successful café named the Delightful Café in her local Long Beach community and realized there was a need to teach the next generation about proper customer service. This led Samone to start the YES Academy, a program that teaches young adults customer service and all the intricacies of working at a restaurant. This program has and is arming a number of young adults with practical skills they’ll need to be successful in the workforce.

At the same time, Samone and her husband were helping to fund Mercy Village, a tiny village in Cambodia that had been ravaged by a fire and needed help getting back on its feet. As this village was located in her motherland of Cambodia, this cause was near to Samone’s heart.

Along with running the YES Academy, Samone also began holding community events at her café to connect with her local community and to give them an opportunity to learn more about her Christian faith.

Most recently, Samone and her husband felt a calling to engage with the impoverished Native American community in New Mexico and started a program under KEO Charities named First Nation Resource Center. The purpose of FNRC is to build a community center in New Mexico that seeks to educate, empower, and provide opportunities for the disparate community of Native Americans in that location.

In summary, KEO Charities is about promoting kindness through helping others in this world, empowering them to rise up and seize their future, and create opportunities for the next generations to succeed. Samone’s desire is that her story would inspire more people to join in the good fight!

YES Academy

Youth Experience Success

Free Restaurant Training & Work Experience

The YES Academy is a unique training experience that seeks to nourish the mind, body, and soul of students that will enrich their lives and provide a path for success in the world of work, whether it be in hospitality or other career choices and educate, motivate, inspire, and encourage young adults to understand the importance of community in their lives and the lives of others.

Our mission is to be a leader in our community by training young adults in the hospitality industry with a focus on customer service. We believe that regardless of the field of work that someone enters, excellent customer service is the ingredient for success.

We teach candidates how to walk into an interview with confidence and poise, and how to navigate any career in such a way that they master the people skills necessary for long-term advancement and success in any field.

Ideal Candidate

  • Compelling interest to work in the restaurant and hospitality industry
  • Willingness to learn
  • Commitment to training hours
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and eager to provide excellent customer service
  • New to the workforce

First Nation Resource Center

Samone Keo, the founder of Keo Charities, first visited the Navajo Nation in Gallup, New Mexico during the summer of 2021 as part of a group led by Ben Lim Ministries. During their revival, the group shared many powerful experiences including seeing wheelchair-bound people rising and walking, people being able to see without their eyeglasses and some even being able to breathe freely without the need of their oxygen tanks.
Over the next ten weeks God’s presence was keenly felt. The miracles and evidence of the Lord’s work touched Samone and ignited a deep desire for her to work hand in hand with the Navajo Nation.

However, in conjunction with the spiritual experiences, Ben Lim’s group witnessed firsthand the plight of Native Americans. Samone saw that the people of this community lack basic resources such as electricity and running water. There was a pervasive and overwhelming sense of hopelessness in the Navajo people caused by generational poverty and these poor living conditions.

Being an optimist and feeling a strong urge to enact positive change, Samone decided to partner with the Navajo community members to create a resource center to help develop and implement a sustainable plan for the community,one that could turn the tide on the downward spiral encompassing this community. The program is to be called the First Nations Resource Center (FNRC).

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